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Roland is a personal trainer, teacher, fitness coach and martial artist based in Munich Germany.  He combines his experience in functional training solutions, breathing patterns, yoga and his martial arts background into tailor-made training programs for each person he coaches, in order to allow each and every client to reach their fullest fitness and mental potential.

Early on along Rolands’ journey he learned carpentry (cabinet maker/joiner) which gave him the first taste in how things work better together. Roland still identifies himself as craftsman in all aspects of life and uses his skills to teach his students more about their bodies, the art of dealing with various forms of resistance such as enemy/injury/bad patterns of movement and mental awareness.

As a fitness coach Roland has helped numerous clients increase their performance, gain strength, move better and improve their overall mental and physical health both nationally and internationally.

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KALI  – Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a martial art and self-defence system from the Philippines. It had been developed and passed on by the family of our grandmaster (Grandtuhon) Leo T. Gaje. Pekiti Tirsia Kali – short PTK – teaches the students to solve conflict situations. Evasion and escape, negotiating and creative problem solving are just as important as physical confrontation.

As a self-defence system, Pekiti Tirsia Kali is famous for its highly developed methods in the use of and protection against weapons. Our techniques and tactics are based on the defence against edged weapons, and work just as well against unarmed assailants. The movement patterns and principles are directly transferred from one to the other weapon – in this way, open hands, blades and sticks becomes a functional unity. “All weapons. All distances. All situations” is the motto of our practical training.

However, as a traditional art, Pekiti Tirsia Kali is much more than a mere fighting system. It is an expression of the traditional Filipino world view, and of a positive philosophy: “We believe in success, not in failure. We believe in health, not in sickness. We believe in life, not in death.” This is our credo. Those who delve into the practice of PTK will realize that this philosophy is not just lip service – our art will positively and lastingly influence the life of the practitioners.

Practical training and positive philosophy are embodied in the Pekiti Tirsia Europe (PTE). It is Europe’s oldest and largest organisation for the teaching of PTK. Since more than 20 years, the PTE is a synonym for Filipino martial arts on the highest level. Founded by Tuhon (master) Uli Weidle, the PTE is home to PTK groups from Finland to Egypt, and to practitioners of many different nations, cultures, world views, and all genders. We are convinced that the aim of martial arts are peace and friendship. This is why we come together as friends, to share what we love: Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

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